emPOWERing people to deliver valuable digital services

At Joule Digital we want to make a difference for people and organisations.  We want to help make your way of working as productive, efficient and enjoyable as it can be.  We want to enable you to create and shape collaborative, effective teams and help you develop excellent services that work for your customers.  We want to use our skills to provide that support.

Becky Leggett and Richard Joseph are the founders of Joule Digital. Agile enthusiasts with considerable experience of working with teams and organisations to build products and services that their customers need and that work for the business too.

We have worked within the public and private sector, analysing, designing, developing, testing and managing both online digital services as well as non-digital products and services.

Our coaches are hand-picked, they're people that we've worked with before or we know very well.  All experts in digital delivery and agile ways of working.  They help us design and deliver our training and coaching services both in our public courses and closed courses in the workplace.

We also work with other suppliers, freelancers and contractors that provide complimentary skills to our own so that we can provide teams for service delivery within your organisation that can enable you to deliver part or all of a product or service.

We all value the agile values and principles and are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers, so will work with you to understand what challenges you are looking to tackle and find the solution that will get you the optimal result, whether that's training, coaching, providing you with a service team or a blend of the different options.

In all the services we offer, we believe in using the right tools for the job, Our belief in agile means that we endeavour to be agile in how we work.

We value your learning above all else and are constantly improving how we impart our knowledge to you, be it in a classroom environment, in the workplace or as part of a service team.

Our training courses are far from a death by powerpoint and we're not into making people do crazy stuff like stand on their heads to make some point in an obscure practical way (unless of course they want to!)

Over the years our coaches have found that the most effective approach is to have a blended approach of theory, discussions, videos, group and individual activities in our classes, and in the workplace, to have a range of coaching techniques to suit the situation and the audience.

We only use coaches who have experience of working on real problems in an agile way and have experience of training so that they can respond to any particular cohort, team or situation and can tailor the service we provide you with to suit your needs.

But perhaps most of all, and whats sets us apart, is that we enjoy what we do because people enjoy coming on our courses, and they get great value from us when we help them find the answers for themselves.


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