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Coaching is about using our skills and experience to provide you with advice and guidance intended to help you, your team or your business to develop.  It's often done in a business setting so we can understand what you do and the context in which your work.  We can also observe practices, behaviours and challenges first hand to enable us to provide the most valuable help and support.

Our agile coaches help teams to continuously improve how they work, ensuring that they’re always delivering value to your customers as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our coaching services are always tailored to each customers individual needs, but generally we find they are most useful for new teams to agile, for teams where they're struggling to continuously improve, for senior leaders who might have the time to attend a training course and for agile teams that are maybe stuck and feel like agile isn't working for them - maybe because of a particular difficult problem or environment.

Agile Coaching for new teams

  • one or more coaches on site
  • coach becomes part of the team for a period of time, usually a few weeks or months
  • coach helps surface and embed behaviours that align with an agile way of working
    • light-touch training
    • familiarisation with agile techniques and tools
    • regular reflection with a focus on continuous improvement

Our coach will up-skill the team, gradually taking steps away until the team no-longer needs them.

Agile Coaching for existing teams

  • one or more coaches on site
  • a focus on continuous improvement
  • servant-leadership to the team
  • mentoring at individual and team level
  • building a high-performing agile team
  • scrum vs kanban
  • using metrics to identify areas for improvements
  • effective retrospectives

Agile Mentoring

  • ideal for leaders, delivery managers, scrum masters, product owners and coaches
  • building an understanding of what it really means to be agile
  • reflection upon existing skills and experience so that they can be applied in an agile way of working
  • provide an understanding of how agile teams work
  • focus on creating an agile culture
  • empowering teams
  • delivering value and ROI through prioritisation
  • strategic agile planning

Agile Coach Facilitation

  • usually one coach on site
  • coach can facilitate any meeting or workshop
  • helps teams understand and work through any problem
  • expert coach on hand to assist / recommend solutions using appropriate agile techniques


  • external, independant facilitation
  • skills and techniques from across industries
  • team works out the problem for themselves

Of course, there is no one right answer.  There is no silver bullet.  The type and level of coaching provided will be specific to you and your business, so get in contact with us and we can work with you to provide the support you need.

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