About Us

We want to help people work better together

We created Joule Digital because we recognised a common passion for helping people to work more effectively together and a common interest in alternative ways of working that encourage collaboration, innovation and inclusivity. We met while both working for the GDS Academy, designing and delivering agile training courses.

We hate waste. In particular wasting time doing things that add no value, and we're passionate about making sure teams work in a way that isn't wasteful - both in terms of how they work and what they produce. So, it should come as no surprise that we're fans of all things Lean. We want to help teams make sure that they are creating better services and products for customers, that add real value and get away from services that provide a poor user experience, and doing in it a way where they don't waste their time doing unnecessary things. So, we're also big fans of user-centred design.

Crucially we are both problem solvers and so we really like to help make a difference or help to overcome a challenge. Especially the challenge of getting individuals to come together to form great, effective teams. We believe that working in a way that aligns with agile values and principles is a really good approach to solving the problem, because its worked for others, its worked for us its working for the people that we've trained and coached.

We help public and private organisations improve their working practices, create great places to work and to build really good products and services. One that's flexible to the needs of different organisations where you value us as much as we value you. We aim to really understand your needs and provide a service that meets your exact needs - we're not about one-size fits all.

We're building a company that works the way we teach, somewhere that's friendly, open and has a collaborative mindset. You'll see this in the way we engage with you and work with you to find the most appropriate way we can support you.

We love learning. We're really eager to keep learning and enjoy working with other associates and companies, getting involved in community meet ups and events, and keeping up to date with new and innovative ways to provide the services we offer. In fact, Rich set-up agile Sheffield a few years ago, is a frequent speaker and sponsor. We'll blog about the events we've been to, things we find interesting and the things we hope you'll find useful too.

If you have an interest in what we do or how we work, then please do get in touch.

If you'd like to work with us, you can find out and apply to become an associate or collaborate with us on a project or an event.