About Becky

I graduated university with a degree in child psychology and learning, but realised afterwards that I prefer to teach and support adults, so this helped me changed my focus.

After jobs in the banking sector, the NHS and local government, I worked in central government, for a good chunk of my working life. After working with customers regularly in an operational area, I realised that improving public services was something that really mattered and so got into Project Management to make change happen.

I worked in a number of roles including PMO, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Product Owner, Deliver Manager, Facilitator and Coach. Along the way, I realised that culture and environment was key to allowing ideas to flow and having the energy and enthusiasm to create great things, and so worked towards supporting people to make that happen.

I joined the GDS Academy (in the Cabinet Office) in order to teach and coach people about agile ways of working. This approach reflects the values and practices I've worked with that have given most success, when creating effective teams and producing good quality, customer focused, usable products. It also appealed to my need to help people and solve problems. During that time, I trained teams and cohorts from across Government and helped coach some teams to get started too.

I finally left the civil service to set up Joule Digital, so that I could extend my reach and use my skills and experience to help people and organisations in both the public and private sector.

We've worked with many people so far at Joule Digital, from agile assessment and training for British Oceanographic Data Centre, working as an associate of companies like Engine Group, as team and Product Owner coach for Government Departments, to delivering Delivery Management courses to job changers

Outside of work, I like being part of the wider community and sharing my knowledge, so I attend local agile meet ups when I can. Representing Joule Digital, I have had the privilege of running a workshop at Agile Sheffield, speaking at PMI Agile Question Time, co-hosting a Sheffield Digital Festival Fringe event with Northern Value Creators and talk about our services on a trade stall at the CIPD Festival of Work.

When I'm not working, I love the outdoors and need to be active so I enjoy activities like cycling, walking, surfing, that keep me fit and allow me to appreciate the scenery. I enjoy learning new things so I like to read around subjects and am really drawn to the sciences. I am a book monster, so have shelves of books and like the luxury of being to get lost in an alternative world now and again.

I'm a proud Geordie, so it's great when I'm back in Newcastle, where I spend and as much time as I can with my family and friends.

In the workplace you'll find I'm enthusiastic, supportive, analytical and eager to help and am multi-skilled to allow me to adapt - so I can coach, facilitate, teach and advise and I like to share my experience with others.