If you need help to improve the way your teams deliver your specific products and services, then our coaching services are the perfect fit.

The role of coach has been around for a while but it's association with agile has become popularised in more recent years, and being a relatively young role, there are a few interpretations.

Our coaches work with you and your teams on-site, for as long as you need us and in whatever capacity you need us. Their overarching role is not to provide the answers for you but to help you and your teams find the answers for yourselves.

Our coaches help teams to continuously improve how they work, ensuring that they’re always delivering value to your customers as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our coaching services are always tailored to each customers individual needs, but generally we find they are most useful to teams that are trying out a new way of working, for teams where they're struggling to continuously improve, for senior leaders who might not have the time to attend a training course and for teams that are stuck and feel like their practices aren't working for them - maybe because of a particularly difficult problem or environment.

Teams new to agile

Experienced agile teams



Of course, there is no one right answer. There is no silver bullet. The type and level of coaching provided will be specific to you and your business, so get in contact with us and we can work with you to provide the support you need.