Become an Associate

Sometimes we need associates to help us deliver our services.

We're always on the look out for people who have a good understanding of agile and good levels of experience, or who have expertise and knowledge about agile complimentary practices (e.g. maybe you're a specialist in User Centred Design).

We want to work with people who can help others to think differently about their culture and ways of working.

We look for people who can help the audience apply concepts to the work they are doing and in the organisation that they work in, adapting to different working environments and organisational set-ups and supporting people when they experience constraints and issues when they implement different ways of working.

We look for approachable, amenable, friendly people who can motivate and support people, who can gain people’s trust so they can listen and learn, who can provide and take constructive feedback, who can deal with challenging situations and questions.

We work with people within organisations from CEOs to delivery team members, so we look for people who can teach and support people across a variety of roles, background and experience levels and who have worked with different sizes & types of organisations.

We look for adaptable, proactive people who can work with us to achieve great outcomes, who are positive and enthusiastic and are empathetic to the people that they are teaching and supporting.

We look for people who want to help teams and organisations grow and flourish.