Agile Delivery Manager

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Supporting people to work together as an effective team

Our Agile Delivery Manager course provides the set of knowledge and skills that delivery managers need to help support their teams to work in an agile way.

It covers the basics of what being agile really means, the methods they can use to help them work in an agile way, the approaches they can use to support their team and help focus them on delivering the right product.

Being an agile delivery manager is about being a servant-leader to the team and supporting them to solve problems, complex or otherwise. It's not about managing a team or doing all of the admin work, but rather about have an intrinsic mindset that aligns with agile values and principles. It's about applying that mindset to all of the teams problems - whether it's figuring out how to implement a technically challenging feature, or dealing with a clash of personalities in the team. This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of what agile delivery management is really about.

Who's it for?

Our Agile Delivery Manager course, is suitable for new and experienced delivery managers, scrum masters, project and programme managers.

If you are new to delivery management or working in an agile way, you will learn what it means to be agile and how to use the most useful agile tools, techniques and methods.

For scrum masters or anyone who has experience of working with agile teams, it will provide an insight into the mindset that true agile teams have. You will learn why working to scrum is not necessarily the same as being agile.

Why should I attend?

Whether you need to build a new digital service, increase growth in your sales or reduce your operational costs, you will need someone who knows how to build and support people in a way which gets the best out of each of them individually and the best out of them as a team.

Good delivery managers think agile by default. Their mindset is one which is tuned to agile values and principles, and they apply that mindset to how they approach every problem they come across.

Agile delivery managers also carry a library of agile-aligned knowledge and a box of agile tools, techniques and methods.

Our agile delivery managers basics course brings these together to provide the set of essentials for any agile delivery manager.

Day one

The Here & Now retro

Traditional ways of working

The agile manifesto

An overview of scrum

Scrum in practice

Scrum vs Kanban

Influencing the working culture

Day two

The delivery lifecycle

An overview of User Centred Design (UCD)



User Stories

Sizing & Estimating

Agile Teams

Day three

Understanding Product Ownership

What is The Product?

User Needs

How to use hypotheses & prototypes

User Stories

Story Mapping

Backlog refinement

Day four

The Delivery Manager role

Success & Failure Retro


Working with the team - creating the culture



Day five

The people and the pennies

Dealing with change

Managing risk




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