Agile for Government Services

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently able to deliver any classroom based training courses. We are in the process of adapting all of our content so that we can provide an equivalent service online. For more information please get in touch.

Delivering government services requires an agile way of working.

Our agile for government course provides an understanding of what it means to be agile in a public sector setting with the constraints, regulations and challenges that come with it.

The types of services and products that Government deliver have significant impacts on people's lives or are services that people are heavily dependant on, so it's important that services are built that meet user needs and are delivered with an understanding of the challenges that those user groups face when interacting with Government.

Government services follow a lifecycle and need to meet specific standards and so it's important that the people delivering services and products in Government understand this and have the ability to build services and products that meet these criteria, and deliver products that can stand up to the level of scrutiny required in public service.

Who's it for?

Our agile for public sector course is suitable for anyone who is engaged in delivering digital services for the Government or the wider public sector in general. It's designed to meet the needs of civil servants, suppliers or contractors involved with the delivery of digital services.

The course is designed to supplement our agile training courses and assumes a good working knowledge of agile ways of working. It can be used as an add-on to any of our courses.

Why should I go on it?

This is the only publicly available agile training course specifically designed for individuals and teams engaged with delivering government and public sector digital services.

The Joule Digital coaches that designed and deliver this course are the same coaches that worked for the GDS Academy designing and delivering the agile courses delivered to thousands of civil servants. So who better to learn from about delivering digital services for government than the very people that train government civil servants to deliver government digital services?

Course Content

If you work in government already you might find our Agile Coaching and Agile Assessment services useful too. Our coaches have worked with teams across government helping them through GDS service assessments.