Agile Product Owner

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently able to deliver any classroom based training courses. We are in the process of adapting all of our content so that we can provide an equivalent service online. For more information please get in touch.

Ensuring the product delivers value to users

Our 3 day Agile Product Owner course provides a concise and robust understanding about Product Ownership.

The course covers the basics of agile - what it truly means to be agile and how user centred design can be used to identify and understand the problem.

It provides the knowledge and skills to effectively manage stakeholders - ensuring transparency of your work that enable feedback mechanisms to continually improve the product or service, ensuring the delivery of real value and a real return on investment.

The course also provides an understanding about how to support the delivery team to deliver products or services that meet the vision: both strategically (roadmap) and tactically (sprint goals), how to prioritise the product backlog, and how to create the right environment to get the best out of those around you.

Being a Product Owner is about more than just delivering the right product, it's also about leading by doing, walking the walk, influencing behaviour to create an agile culture and create the environment and inspiration for innovation.

Who's it for?

Our Agile Product Owner course is for anyone involved in identifying, managing, analysing and prioritising the needs and requirements of users and customers.

It's suitable for Product Owners, Business Analysts and User Researchers - whether you are new to the role or not.

This course can also be of significant benefit for anyone who has learned to be a Product Owner using an agile framework or method but is struggling to make it work.

Why should I attend?

Unlike other courses we not only explore the Product Owner role but we also ensure you understand what it means to be agile and provide you with lots of practical tools and techniques that you can use for different situations.

With all of our courses we don't want to talk at you, we want to open up discussion and give you the chance to try out what you're learning. We also want to talk about real examples and situations of Product Ownership in agile settings, to bring the theory to life. That makes our course very interactive and provides the opportunity to learn the role in a safe environment.

We help you think differently with an agile mindset to solve problems, work better with others, understand what value means and where to spend your energy.

Our course will challenge the way you think as well as help you learn more about this particular role.

Day one

The Here & Now retro

Traditional ways of working

The agile manifesto

An overview of scrum

Scrum in practice

Scrum vs Kanban

Influencing the working culture

Day two

The delivery lifecycle

An overview of User Centred Design (UCD)



User Stories

Sizing & Estimating

Agile Teams

Day three

Understanding Product Ownership

What is The Product?

User Needs

How to use hypotheses & prototypes

Managing stakeholders

Story Mapping

Backlog refinement

Not sure that this is the course for you?

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