Ways of Working

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently able to deliver any classroom based training courses. We are in the process of adapting all of our content so that we can provide an equivalent service online. For more information please get in touch.

Bridging the gap between knowing agile and being agile

Our agile ways of working course provides a practical guide to how to work together effectively in agile teams.

Delegates will learn what it means to be agile and how to put into practice some of the most useful methods, tools and techniques that will help them to work in an agile way.

The course is designed to promote and encourage team working, and highlights the significant improvements that can be gained when people move from how they have been working based on their current working culture to how they could be working once they realise that they can change their working culture.

Who's it for?

Our agile ways of working course is aimed at anyone working in an agile way or wanting to work in an agile way.

It's for anyone new to agile, anyone who needs to understand what being agile is about and to put into practice agile methods, tools and techniques .

It's suitable for new or existing teams - in fact we find that complete teams that come on this course learn to be agile the quickest because everyone shares the same learning experience.

Why should I attend?

A big part of being agile is understanding what value means and a focus on delivering as much value as possible. After years of working in agile teams and delivering agile training to thousands of delegates, we've put together this two day course that we believe provides the most important things that agile teams need to know about and the tools and techniques that are most useful.

Day one is based on our agile basics course and provides a concise and robust understanding of what it means to be agile, and most importantly why we should even consider being agile.

Day two builds upon this equipping the team with the knowledge and skills to start being agile.

Day one

The Here & Now retro

Traditional ways of working

The agile manifesto

An overview of scrum

Scrum in practice

Scrum vs Kanban

Influencing the working culture

Day two

The delivery lifecycle

An overview of User Centred Design (UCD)



User Stories

Sizing & Estimating

Agile Teams

Not sure that this is the course for you?

You can check out our other courses here, or get in contact if you need something a little more bespoke.